About Us

The Black Faculty and Staff Association, which began meeting in 2002, is an employee resource group dedicated to the recruitment, support, positive valuation of, and inclusion of black faculty and staff at the University of Notre Dame. We also host engagement opportunities within the Notre Dame and broader Michiana community, spiritual development, and sponsor of forums to discuss issues of university, local, national and international concern.

Membership is open to all faculty, staff, and administrators employed by the University.


  • Serve as advocates for the interests of Black faculty, staff, and students.
  • Contribute to the recruitment and retention of Black faculty, staff, and students
  • Network with other Black faculty, staff, and administrators throughout the university
  • Discuss critical concerns and issues; have an active and informed voice in campus life and governance
  • Provide input on topics affecting people of African descent
  • Work on projects to address concerns of people of African descent
  • Stay informed about community activities


  • President: Elicia Dennis, Prospect Management Consultant, Office of Development
  • Vice President: Brianna May, Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid
  • Secretary: Stephanie Washington, Development Coordinator, Department of Development
  • Treasurer: Martin Klubeck, Service Offering Manager, Office of Information Technologies
  • Hospitality: Adrienne Skinner, Education and Outreach Specialist, Transformational Leaders Program


The BFSA bylaws offer more detail about the purpose, structure, and governance of this employee resource group.